Sitemap - 2022 - Geopolitics And Climate Change

The UK chooses the Argentina Option

A European Energy Market Designed For Supply Disruption Profiteering And General Chaos

Over-Confidence Before The Fall?

The US Intra-Elite Conflict Intensifies

Winter is Coming: A Winter of Discontent

China to Dominate the Global EV and EV Battery Markets

UK Propaganda Meets Physical Reality

Ukraine is the West’s Vietnam not Russia’s

The Donbass Salient and WW2 Normandy, the Parallels

Conflict With China is the Nemesis of Climate Change Action

The Hypocrisy of the Rich and PMC in Complaining About What They Created

Is the EU using the Ukraine Crisis to Facilitate its Climate Change Policies?

The La Nina Calm Before The El Nino Climate Change Storm

Ukraine: The Collapse of the Western Narrative

The Geographic & Demographic Death of Ukraine

Western Word Games

Even A Child Seems To Understand Geopolitics Better Than The US State Department

One Flew Over The (West) Cuckoo’s Nest

How The United States Crushed Japan In The 1980s And Why It Cannot Crush China In The 2020s.

The Ontological Death of the West

Climate Change Action: Not Too Hot and Not Too Cold

The Economic War with Russia that the West, Especially Europe, Cannot Win

Ukraine: The Risk of Desperation Measures by the US

The Fall Of The Boss – A Story Of Our Time

The Financial System as an Impediment to Significant Emissions Reductions

The Political Ecology of Global Environmental Change

Linear Thinking Versus Bounded Resilience

The Decline of the West has Officially Left The Station

Neoconservative Western Elite Self-Immolation

Two Centuries Of Western Aggression Against Russia / USSR

Does Putin Think That He Is An American President? How Dare He!

Ukraine – A Country Too Far

Neoliberalism: Authoritarian Progressivism or Authoritarian Reactionary (fake) Libertarianism With That?

Is This Peak Western Manufacturing of Consent?

Why BEV’s Wont Reduce Global CO2 Emissions This Decade

Of Sovereigns, Nobles and Vassals: The Western Way of Hierarchy

The Blind Conversing With The Blind: U.S. Foreign Policy

The Coming Chinese Car Invasion of the USA?

Have The CO2 Natural Sinks & Sources Become A Problem?