The Fall Of The Boss – A Story Of Our Time

For three centuries, from the start of the seventeenth until late in the nineteenth, the white settler colonies in what is now the United States expanded their realm through genocide, land theft, slavery, and wars of aggression against their neighbours. After the US Civil War, its’ elite’s eyes wandered abroad with their interference in the freedom struggles of those colonized by the Spanish to establish their own colonies in the Caribbean and with the Philippines. They also reinforced their dominance over the whole of the Western hemisphere. After the European fratricide of World War 1, the US became a world power and creditor to the world; including the unseemly refusal to forgive the allied war debts that directly lead to the destruction of the Weimar Republic and the opening given to the Nazis (not to mention the significant support ad aid given to the Nazi regime by US elites such as Ford). With a second fratricidal European war, together with the crushing of Japan, the US became the Boss of the “free” world outside the communist bloc; which included extensive interference to forestall the national sovereignty and independence of the newly decolonized nations and Latin America. It deconstructed the British Empire through once again refusing to forgive war debts and bring aid to the shattered British economy; this was a consciously built US Empire not some “accident” as court historians attempt to make you believe. The assigned role of other nations was as vassals, and perhaps nobles in the case of Western Europe and Japan, not sovereigns. Then in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union it seemed that the US elites had achieved their five-century project, to be the Boss of the World. As with most bosses, the decline sets in at what appears to be the apex of their power and influence. Unfortunately, it takes a long time for the self-adoration and hubris of the apex of power to fade away and reflect lessened circumstances.

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